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19 March 2016 by Edward



As a marketing placement, I am interested in how small businesses use their websites to promote their business. Below are some of my observations.

It is perceived knowledge that a website is a must have for all types of businesses and can be a massive asset for a small business as it is one of the cheapest and most effective way of advertising your business and the services you offer.

Poor website
In order to understand the effects of a good website there has to be consideration of a poor website and how that can damage the company’s reputation and its attempts to do business. A poor website can in turn push sales and possible clients or customers away. This can be for reasons such as superior competitors who advertise and promote their business better or they are worried that the poor website quality may mean that the work they do is of a similar low standard. This ultimately means that it draws a reduced reputation to the business leading to loss of clients and limits being able to attract new ones.

Reach new customers
Having a good website allows customers another way of finding your business which could be through general search engine traffic or links. A good website makes the business look trustworthy and professional which can then lead to greater amounts of interaction within the website and the business. The web site can be self-sustaining which allows self promotion, meaning the website is constantly promoting the business in a positive light even when your are unable to do so yourself. Clients constantly compare businesses to one another as they search to find the best deal and best service. This means having a good website allows the business to stay competitive and find an edge over their competitors.

Build brand awareness An advantage of a good website is that it grows the brand awareness allowing the website to make a good impression and put forward your brand without the need for a pitch or effort. A characteristic of the website is that it sells the brand for you and allows visitors to read leisurely about what you offer. You have the opportunity to express what you want to say on the website so no information is missing and everything you feel is important for buyers to know is on the website. In this respect, your online presence is a benefit to you as well as the visitors, a professional website will give your customers the right message about the kind of business you are, what you offer and how you can help them.

Better Communications and gain customer information
Communication is a must for any business as they must be able to connect with their customers effectively and vice-versa. A good website will allow a business to have two-way communication through the website as it will allow visitors to leave feedback and comments on the website. It will also allow you to understand where your customers are clicking and viewing which allows you to understand what areas are more popular than others and if some areas are better and more appealing than others. As interaction is enabled customer information is easily received and this can aid development of a strategy for improvement in the future or to just understand where the business works well and where it doesn’t.

Variety of Features
Variety is a good way of attracting different customers from different places. Having external features on your website such as a blog can help traffic business from off the common route, they can be directed to the site through reading the blog and once on the website they may explore the nature of your business. Other features such as a meet the team can help the customer to feel more of a personal touch and understand them allowing them to feel connected to the employees rather than left in the dark. This can be a unique point as by providing a personal touch customers can feel more at ease and confident to use your services.

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