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15 August 2015 by Tom



Businesses are constantly working out how to increase visits to their website, with the sole aim of hopefully attracting more prospects and customers as a result.

Neil Patel, one of Forbes top 10 online marketers, has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, and has been recognised by President Obama as one of the US’ top young entrepreneurs.
Below are some of Neil’s key tips for driving more traffic to your site and boosting its visibility.

1.Facebook drives engagement more than Twitter or LinkedIn: Neil suggests that whilst Facebook doesn’t make up the majority of his traffic or shares, it is however creating the most engagement. For every 500 Twitter visitors to one of his blogs, he receives 3 comments. For every 500 LinkedIn visitors, he receives 5 comments. And for every 500 Facebook visitors, he receives 8 comments.

2.Google likes longer posts: Neil’s research indicates that posts that are 2,000 words or longer are more likely to rank on page one of Google than posts of fewer than 2,000 words.

3.Don’t post everything you write: Some of your posts are going to be underwhelming, and that’s okay. When you write a bad post, scrap it rather than publishing it.

4.Share your mistakes: When you fail at something, let the world know about it. They’ll appreciate your transparency and will see you as more trustworthy and human as a result. It will also hopefully ameliorate this for others.

5.Great content leads to engagement: Neil gets about 100 comments per post on his Neil Patel blog. How does he do that? By writing in-depth, fact-filled articles and then engaging people with additional insights in the comments section.

6.Keep headlines under 65 characters: If your headlines are too long, they’ll get cut off within Google’s search results. Try to keep them to less than 65 characters.

7.Use odd numbers in headlines: People tend to click through on blog posts with odd numbers in them. Why is that? Because nature is not symmetrical, it’s asymmetrical, so in a sense, odd numbers feel more natural and real to people who are skimming headlines.

Click here to see his video courtesy of Jamie Turner and Social Media Today…

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