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29 June 2015 by Tom



It’s important to firmly ingrain your brand or company in the mind of the consumer or customer. Catchphrases and slogans, sometimes within campaigns, are important.

What advertising slogans can you remember?
There have been many slogans adopted over the past decades, some are memorable and remain the same from years ago. Others aren’t and fade quickly. What lines can you remember? What do your recognise?

What is the best ever?

A good slogan must be memorable and simple, with short keywords that are consistent with the brand or company. The message should also reveal any benefits to the product, brand or service, whilst highlighting any differentiation.

In my opinion, McDonalds “Im Lovin It” slogan is extremely effective, combined within its ‘on strategy’ advertisements.

Here are 10 Giants from the Hall of Fame.

Apple Macintosh – Think Different

BMW – The ultimate driving machine

Carlsberg – Probably the best lager in the world

Gillette – The best a man can get

L’Oreal – Because I’m Worth it

Mastercard – There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard

Nike – Just Do It

Ronseal – Does exactly what it says on the ti

Tesco- Every Little Helps

Thomas Cook – Don’t Just Book it. Thomas Cook it.

See the link for the full list of Hall Of Fame slogans
Click here

Small Businesses
After reading the above, you may think that slogans are only important for large businesses? NO! Slogans are not just for large multinationals and there’s no reason why smaller businesses can’t do the same. In fact, the flexibility, low cost and high effectiveness of slogans makes them essential for companies of any size!

There are many small companies who have mastered the art of creating an effective slogan.

Follow the link to see the best and worse local, small business slogans!


Remember, when crafting your own slogan, keep it as a mini-vision statement, conveying your company’s characteristics to customers and end users.

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