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25 February 2015 by Edward



Snapchat has been the new social media app that has taken the world by storm and it continues to grow day by day, However companies are now looking to monetise it and expand it even further and create it into a tool that can help them grow and market their business.

How is Snapchat being used?

For those of you that are not fully aware, Snapchat involves someone sending a picture or video for a set amount of time and once that time runs out it expires. Crucially for businesses you can set up a story. What is a Snapchat story? Well when you create a video or picture you can add it to your story, which allows it to be viewed more than once and affiliated with your account so it creates an alert for your followers to view it. This means that businesses can upload something to their story and their followers will then be alerted to the new picture theoretically increasing the amount of views and therefore overall awareness.

So how can companies use this? It is easy to use which means the companies can easily interact with their followers and give them regular updates or important information. It offers marketing opportunities and some companies have used it for promotional purposes like offering exclusive discount codes on Snapchat. Previewing a product before release creates anticipation and can create hype for fans who are waiting for the new collection or product.

Snapchat is well equipped for this as they can show followers a small sneak peak without giving too much away. Nars did this successfully when they showed a preview on Snapchat of their new collection ahead of its release. The exclusivity and opportunity to send personalised content for a limited time only made Snapchat the perfect platform for this announcement. Snapchat seems to work, as promotions that take advantage of the power of social media are cost-effective and carry your message to new audiences. Aswell as these more conventional ways, Snapchat has been used by businesses in more unique ways such as GrubHub advertised that they were looking for a new intern and gave out the details for how to apply over Snapchat and used Snapchat as part of the process by asking to doodle your entry back to them on Snapchat.
Snapchat keeps growing in the commercial world with more and more businesses joining the app as it has clear advantages such as the ease, the speed and its potential to attract a different kind of customer.

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