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19 October 2014 by Tom



Marketing technologies consisting of social media marketing, marketing modelling, email optimization, sales automation, marketing data, landing pages, SEO, E-Commerce, merchandising, and web analytics to name a few, have transformed the way marketers work over the last decade. To think these offerings were not around in 1999 is mind blowing. If you consider the change these technologies have had on marketing departments and businesses as a whole, it is equally mind blowing.

What is the big change? Data! – More data has being created in the last 5 years, than in the history of mankind.

In today’s marketing environment, data is what drives our strategy and performance. The data you collect and the way you intend to use this as a marketer is the principal factor relating to your employment or unemployment status! It is as simple as that.

Tools such as Google analytics and what we do with its findings will become the single most important element of the marketing mix; every activity we undertake will be underpinned to these results. So it is essential that the data we are collecting is of absolute significance. Remember, Google analytics was launched to interrogate web traffic in 2005, although the world has developed since then and so should our tactics.

Think about your current strategy. How are you managing, monitoring and improving your social activity through the data you collect? Or aren’t you?
How are you keeping different departments strategy aligned with each other through effective communication? Are you offering a fully responsive website to facilitate mobile use for your customers? Are you researching keyword trends for your industry to ensure your website is optimized, ranking highly in the main search engines.

What about more traditional marketing practices? Well, these too have also had the bar raised. Are you capturing your customers’ and prospects’ needs and then delivering them a tailored, personalised and most importantly engaging marketing experience?

This new data element will drive change in the way we market, drive change in our customer’s behaviour and most importantly drive change in how we differentiate against our competition.

What to take from this? I advocate methodically integrating data into every part of your marketing strategy, because if you don’t you’ll be looking for a new profession before you know it.

What do you think?

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