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11 June 2014 by Matthew



Hi it’s Matthew here, on placement with OS12, here with my second blog. I am just wondering how effective email marketing is?
Many companies use email marketing these days, but is it really worth it? Do the recipients actually pay attention or do they think of unsolicited emails as a nuisance?
One point of view is that it can be an easy and effective way for a business to acquire new customers. Through multiple emails the relationship between potential customers and the company can be created. Sending this communication hopefully establishes relationship with the potential customer.The majority of the population these days will check their inbox daily.
To try and make the emails more effective businesses often try to be creative. They hope to differentiate themselves from other companies. The choice of the correct target audience for the product or service will likely lead to a higher percentage of responses.
Brian Clark of http://www.copyblogger.com/ believes that although email marketing is a relatively old fashioned form of marketing it is still a good approach.
People ignoring an email is the only real issue with email marketing, but if a small percentage of the audience respond it is often worth doing.
Angela Ellis of http://www.bristoleditor.co.uk/ agrees that email marketing could be a waste of a businesses time. She believes that most organisations will prevent the emails from reaching the intended recipient.
The statistics from the following link suggests that although the emails were read they didn’t go beyond that point. http://www.smartinsights.com/email-marketing/email-communications-strategy/statistics-sources-for-email-marketing/
In my opinion email marketing can be a piece of marketing activity that is worth trying, although it may not guarantee great results. It is simply another way of trying to create connections and spreading information to generate responses.

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