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14 May 2014 by Matthew



Hi I’m Matthew, a first year Business Marketing student doing a placement at Outsource 12. This is my first blog and I have chosen to write about the World Cup and how this can have an impact on companies.

All big companies aspire to link their brand with such a big event to display themselves on a global scale. Companies are usually chosen in advance for a partnership with the World Cup so there is time to sync marketing/advertising plans to ensure maximum benefit. These can include digital hoardings around the football pitch and exclusive product listing deals in the stadium. All partners aim to buy those elusive television advertising spots between matches or at half time to showcase their products. Some companies produce new, one off adverts revolving around football to link to the World Cup. Using footballing legends like Pele and Ronaldo in a new World Cup ad, Emirates have used the World Cup to grab consumer’s attention.

These major events are amazing opportunities for companies to advertise their brands to massive audiences, that is why TV stations that are showing the matches won’t give up these slots cheaply. ITV could charge advertisers as much as £300,000 for a 30-second commercial during World Cup matches featuring England, up to seven times more than to run an ad in a non-England game. They realise that the entire nation will be cheering the team on during these matches.

There has always been that one memorable advert from every World Cup that seems to catapult a brand to the next level. Memorable status is what every company is trying to achieve. Remember the Carlsberg ad in 2006 with the “Old Lions”. These unforgettable ads are what help build a link between companies and consumers to last long after the World Cup is over.


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