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05 May 2014 by Gary



If you want to transform the way your company ‘does’ marketing, you have adopted the stance of Marketing Change Agent. You want things to be different and feel the status quo needs to change.

If you’re finding it difficult to make change happen, you have a few options – to work out a way to make changes, to continue being frustrated and live with the status quo or find something else to do.

Here are a few process tips to help make those changes:

1 Be clear on the current position and how marketing is. How is it affecting the business, you and others in the business? How motivated are you to become Marketing Change Agent?

2 Sort out the current issues so they are clearly identifiable and presentable. Prioritise the focus.

3 Consider the possibilities for change and think about the future – what might the future look like?

4 Narrow down these possibilities and turn them into an agenda of what’s realistic and achievable.

5 Make a commitment to change and set tangible goals.

6 Be creative and work out possible ways of achieving the goals. Use your imagination to create strategy options.

7 What are the best fit strategy options to meet the objectives? Work out which are going to give you what you want.

8 Once you’ve chosen the strategies to follow make a step by step plan. Look at possible pitfalls and focus on the best way to carry out the plan. Make sure you put timings down for these.

Creating change in the marketing environment may be a challenge, but it can be a challenge that will make a difference. Be that Marketing ‘Change Agent’.

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