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28 April 2014 by Gary



We live in a world of brands.
From marketing driven consumer brands, including Apple and Coca- Cola, to personal brands, for example football players and movie stars. Brands are not only created by marketing teams or through the media, but also by people talking to other people.

‘How do I manage my brand?’ is a question often asked by business owners, particularly those working in business to business sectors.

Paying attention to your brand is not something only large companies should be doing. There will be many views on your company, from customers, as well as your suppliers and staff. If the picture painted by your company is a little hazy and does not clearly show what you stand for, potential customers are unlikely to buy from you.

It’s important that you are able to define who you are. The tangible attributes and also the intangible values. That’s the relevance of branding.

Don’t reject the idea of your company being a brand as marketing jargon. Work with the notion of your company being a brand in a more positive way. Be clear on what you want your company to represent, give it a sense of self and meaning.

Take time to understand this. For example, do you need to move your actual brand as it is now to an ideal brand based on what you want in the future? Also, taking time to understand your brand does not necessarily demand an immediate advertising campaign or a frenzy of social media activity. Simply just reflect on what your brand (or company) represents; focus on the uniqueness. That’s as good a starting point as any.

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