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13 February 2014 by Simon



Hi, Simon here again. Have a look at these thoughts…

The Market Place

The marketplace is undergoing an evolutionary change, the market that was once controlled by the seller is now controlled by the buyer. The customer now has more control over the products or services that they purchase and it it the sellers responsibility to satisfy the customers needs.

This new buying philosophy has become prominent because of technological change which has changed the mindset of customers. It is important for small businesses to adapt and not restrict customers but to enable customers. Visionary sellers will be more successful in ‘the age of the customer’, the modern market is about adapting to the new buying norms.

Outsourcing services will help the process of adaptation. For example:

Blog Management – If you do not have the time to manage your blog, employ guest bloggers to produce interesting original content.

Social Media – It is important to create social media accounts but it can be time consuming to manage these accounts.

Event Co-ordination – Running an online event can be an ideal way to generate new leads but it is time consuming.

Market Research – It is important to understand your market and your customers. Market research can help with insight, surveys, analysis and correlation of data.

Newsletters – Communication is an important tool to build business relationships. Newsletters with interesting and relevant content can be the difference between creating leads and losing prospects.

Great to hear your views..

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