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27 January 2014 by Simon



Hi, this is Simon again with my second blog. Here are some thoughts about how businesses can use the Super Bowl event for marketing inspiration.

The Super Bowl is approaching but it is not just a massive sporting phenomenon, it is also a notable opportunity for big brands to use the event and its audience, to deploy outlandish marketing campaigns. Brands use the half-time interval, during the single most watched sporting event, to tell their stories through their marketing campaigns. This year the build up has been consumed by social media marketing campaigns, with trailers or spoilers for adverts being released on YouTube. The Super Bowl hype will begin to drive traffic to other social media platforms, with Twitter trending the #Superbowl and Facebook displaying Super Bowl feeds more prominently.

The trend to create lavish, dramatic advertising campaigns at the Super Bowl, was started by Apple in 1984, their advert culminated with a sledgehammer being thrown through a giant screen. This trend of theatrical or humorous adverts has intensified throughout the years and has became more memorable with the introduction of celebrities. Best Buy used the 2011 Super Bowl half-time break, to bring together the unlikely combination of Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber. Whatever the marketers create this year, it is a safe bet that it will be almost as memorable and then discussed or tweeted as the main event, the game itself!

With this in mind it is important to remember that Marketing, specifically advertising has become increasingly story centric, with original content and inventive copy the key requirements. Micro, small and medium businesses should not be afraid to be bold and take inspiration from large recognisable brands. This is the time to use marketing to entertain and inspire potential customers, when customers relate to your brand they will understand why they need your product or service.

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