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23 December 2013 by Gary



Xmas Sale. Following a peaceful Xmas, the calling card of Boxing Day for many a year as hunters seek to pick up bargains during this sales frenzy.

Are things changing? In the run up to Xmas retailers appear to be making a raft of price cuts before the traditional Boxing Day date. M&S has launched a ‘Spectacular’ with 30% off most items and other retailers, including Debenhams and House of Fraser, have marked down tags as it becomes very difficult for sellers to hold their full prices. Big supermarkets are also delivering big savings in the run up to Xmas as the retail picture has become one promotional painting.

Post Xmas Day has always been the time that consumers look for price reductions; a different opportunity seems to have emerged though as retailers are dropping prices now to entice consumers through their doors.

Is this a trend that will continue for Xmas future? The traditional Xmas sale in the run up to Xmas Day rather than after Xmas Day.

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