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11 December 2013 by Gary



Marketing, what’s in a name?

There is no one single definition of marketing that everyone will agree on. Marketers define what they do differently.

Heidi Cohen rounded up 72 different definitions that are used…

It is not advertising. It is not market research. It is not sales. It is not just about brands, image, social media or promotions. These are components.

It is the action or business of promoting and selling products and services. It is also exploring, creating and delivering value. It is satisfying needs at a profit. It is about relationship and the ongoing cultivation of engagement. Marketing is definitely a process. It is a contest for people’s attention.

Marketing does start and end with the customer or consumer – your individual customers, their experiences, their perceptions, their behaviour, as well as your potential customers, their experiences, their perceptions and their behaviour.

It is a profit oriented approach to business that can be the driving force of the organisation and the hub of the business bringing together product development, manufacturing, customer service, business development, sales, finance etc

What’s your definition?

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