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29 August 2013 by Gary



In contrast to the massive growth in sales of rose wine, red wine volume in the UK is declining. The summer months have provided a real opportunity for retailers to re-energise red wine sales by introducing fitting choices.

More than usual, this summer customers have been snapping up food and drink for barbecues. Promoting wines that could otherwise be ignored has been an opportunity for retailers, to introduce wines for an event that are big on red meats and spicy marinades and that are man enough to handle burnt garlic and charred flesh particularly well.

When consumers fire up the Barbie, there are many alternatives to the ubiquitous Aussie Shiraz.

Three of my favourite BBQ wines this summer have been:

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel 2010 from Majestic – a great wine for the outdoors. ‘No wimpy wines’ is the Ravenswood motto and this taste of California bursts with concentrated fruit.

Malbec from Argentina is not a refined, sophisticated grape, but it can produce a rich, hearty, and satisfying wine that is often fantastic value. Sainsbury’s award winning Morador Malbec with its generous ripe black fruit is a case in point.

Tesco Finest Swartland Pinotage from BBQ loving South Africa. Wines from the Cape are not as fashionable as those from Down Under – although much criticised the Pinotage grape can be a good sturdy choice.

It remains to be seen if the summer of 2013 has seen a beneficial BBQ effect on red wine sales. From a consumer viewpoint however, it has been an opportunity to enjoy some straightforward red wines in a highly appropriate setting!

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