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06 August 2013 by Adam



Multi-tasking, multi-screen, multi-device?

With the latest reports claiming that the traditional family living room is making a comeback, does this mean we are starting to see the rise of the multi-tasking family?

Communications regulator Ofcom said 91% of adults watched their main TV set once a week – up from 88% in 2002 – but their attention may be distracted.
We are all happy using smartphone, tablets, laptops and TV’s, but now we are seeing a trend towards using these devices simultaneously at the same in the same room, with members of the same family.

It is becoming more and more popular and easier to tweet and update social networks whilst we are watching TV, listening to music, gaming or reading in the living room. Industry experts were expecting that as these technologies became more commonplace, then we, as a family unit were at the risk of becoming more insular and removed from the hub of the household and also from interaction with other members of the family.

But the opposite now seems to be the trend as “media meshers” become the norm, over 16’s especially are adept at using multiple devices and platforms to interact socially, and their parents are seemingly not that far behind.

For certain flagship programmes, such as X Factor, The Voice etc. people seem to prefer to be involved and participate as family and also via social networks as the programmes are braodcast live rather than participate with ‘catch-up’ or ‘on-demand’ content.

Is TV set to be come the ‘BIG NIGHT IN’?

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