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06 May 2013 by Gary



‘However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results’ – Winston Churchill

Some will say ‘it isn’t difficult’. The organisation has a systematic way of evaluating its own marketing effectiveness. Its own internal auditing is tried and tested and the vast amount of information that is now available makes it easier to review performance.

Others cite reasons to explain why they feel it is difficult:

· For individuals, getting things done often has to take priority over review.

· In companies, everyone is getting busier and busier and organisations can’t afford to commit as much internal time and resource to review activity.

· Measuring the effectiveness of activity can sometimes be troublesome, particularly when marketing objectives are not clear.

· Although controversial, a lack of motivation to self-examine, as well as conflicting internal agendas is sometimes a reason why scrutiny doesn’t get off the drawing board.

Whilst these are all understandable reasons to explain why it is difficult, it goes without saying it is beneficial to review: for example, markets, customers, competition, margins, the structure and effectiveness of the marketing team, lessons from the past, COSTS and even new opportunities…

Whilst a traditional annual marketing audit still has a place, if you want to kick start your review programme, I believe there are more practical approaches. A more pragmatic way is to de-construct the big picture into ‘bite size chunks’ and examine the most important bites. Also, pragmatism suggests that once you’ve started, reviewing ‘bite size chunks’ is best done as an ongoing process. Why not encourage people in your organisation to suggest areas for examination? It may help get more buy in and reduce any resistance.

Is reviewing your marketing activity difficult? I’m interested in hearing your views and experiences…..

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